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Beware of other companies mis-selling energy contracts on long term durations and always confirm what costs are pass through and what costs are 100% fixed. We are also aware of rogue companies using our name, website, contact details and email domain under false representation. Never disclose personal or financial information over the phone and please make us aware if this happens so this can be reported.
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Business Energy Suppliers and Independent energy procurement, management and consultants for the industrial and commercial sectors

We’re Energy Services, business energy suppliers. We specialise in business energy and making energy contracts for your business simple, manageable and most importantly cost effective.

We’ve been working across a wide range of industries supplying business energy since 1996, using our expertise to negotiate over 2 terawatts worth of gas and electricity each year to deliver businesses genuine savings year-on-year.

We specialise in the supply of industrial and commercial energy such as renewable energy, electricity, oil and gas in the uk. Our business energy management and supply will achieve excellent cost savings for your business as we constantly compare business energy prices on your behalf to achieve the very best energy cost savings for your company.

Our unrivalled team of expert account managers will ensure our clients benefit from our independent and impartial advice to help your business secure the best possible business energy contract available.

We know business energy costs continue to represent an ever greater proportion of your business, but do you have the time and experience to manage an effective procurement strategy to ensure you get the best price? That’s where we come in…

Energy Services can help you secure the right contract at the right time to help you achieve a competitive advantage and real cost savings on your commercial energy.

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Product Unit Price Change % Change
Electricity £/MWh 259.27 - 5.21 1.97% Down
Gas p/therm 279.38 - 10.26 3.54% Down
Oil $/Barrel 113.12 + 3.07 2.79% Up
Coal $/tonne 307.2 - 72.70 19.14% Down
EU Carbon euro/tonne 83.43 - 0.70 0.83% Down
*All prices are from previous day close

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