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  • March 23rd, 2015

Centrica’s UK gas storage site has potential issue with well integrity

Centrica Storage Ltd said on Friday that it had identified a potential issue with well integrity that could affect all wells at Britain’s biggest gas storage site, Rough.

The business had said this week that the amount of stock in the Rough reservoir could be limited to a range of 29 TWh to 32 TWh but gave no further details at the time.

“CSL is still evaluating if the well integrity issue can be remedied and, if so, how long this would take,” it said in a market message on Friday, adding that an update would be provided on or before March 26.

Injection and withdrawal capacity from the site remain unaffected, it added.

Centrica on Thursday suspended marketing of storage capacity due to the potential limit on stocks.

The highest stock level that Rough reached in 2014 was 41.1 TWh.

According to a CSL report published in December, there are 29 wells in operation at the Rough site, located below the seabed off the east coast of England.

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